We are Idea-hunters.
Ideas seem easy to catch, but if you search for the best, you know - this is far from easy. We know how to track really good ideas. We know where they hide. Some of them are tricky – they create an illusion of being beautiful images, but once you get closer, they disappear and leave just words behind. Some times it is the opposite. But whatever the case is, we catch the best of them, we train them to fight for a place in people's dreams and wants, and to solve your communication problems.
We search for their best appearance, we teach them to speak the language of your consumer. We have a lot of experience doing this. Experience gained in the offices of international advertising agencies as TBWA, Y&R and Publicis.
We are creative driven advertising agency.
We are Idea-hunters.


We'll give you more than just ads that grab attention, get the message through and finish with a call for action – we'll give you creative ideas with emotional impact, with extra power to attract and be remembered. Because we search for excellence in creative strategy and go over the limits to have the creative done as it should be.

On the other hand let us say some positive things why you should work with us :)

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Kalin Dimitrov
Creative Director

Kalin has worked in offices of international
ad agencies as TBWA, Publicis and Y&R.
His experience as an Art and a Creative Director include work for brands as GE Healthcare, Tuborg, Coca-cola, Danone, Chio Chips, Renault, DSK bank, VIVACOM and more. He has several creative awards.

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